Sri Dhanvantari Vaagvilaasinee Sabha

Sri Dhanvantari Vaagvilaasinee sabha was inaugurated by H.H. Jagadguru Sri Jayendrasaraswati Sankaraacaarya Swaamigal of KanchiKamakoti Peetham on 26.3.1999.

The Sabha is the literary association of the College where all the professors, interns and students come together and students from all classes put up their ideas on a particular topic. The Sabha usually met and still meets on the last Thursday of every month at the Mahaswami Mantapam (auditorium) of the college.

The main idea behind conducting this sabha was (is) to create a platform for the students to improve their vocabulary, communicative skills and better understanding of the subject based on the recommendations of sage Caraka in his Caraka Samhita.

The above verses say that a physician should debate with another physician. Discussion among physicians would promote the power of application of knowledge and improves the vocabulary of the speaker. It eliminates doubts reminiscent of the previous study by repeated hearing and brings about confirmation of what is undoubtedly understood before. During the course of discussions one comes to know of many new things which were not heard by him previously.

It means that a student physician shall share his understanding of the subject with his peers in the presence of senior physicians and hone his skills through the discussion thus furthering his knowledge in that particular subject. This is called Tadvidya sambhaashaa.

Sanskrit was (is) insisted as the medium of presentation as all Ayurvedic scripts were composed in Sanskrit and knowing the language and making active use of it play a vital role in understanding and appreciating the subject. But off late presentations in both Sanskrit and English are encouraged. So a student, who presents regularly, gradually improves both in the language as well as in the subject. Not only that, it also helps in boosting one’s confidence and in overcoming the stage fear. The number of participants per sabha varies from 6-12.

Until 2010, students were free to present any topic of their interest.  From 2010, this mode was changed and a new system was introduced where three topics suitable for each profession respectively would be chosen and given. For example,  if the topic is about raktam (Blood) then the students of first profs will talk about its basics, those of the 2nd prof will talk about its pathological aspects while the 3rd prof& the interns will talk on the treatment aspects of various diseases involving blood.

Topics of subjective and non- subjective kinds are given alternatively. Topics of the meeting would be announced one month in advance. The presenters should submit their papers 15days in advance prior to the meeting to the co-coordinators of the sabha for improvisations and corrections. The present co-coordinators of the sabha are Dr.Anuradha Maganti, Associate Professor, HoD, Prasutitantra & Streeroga and Dr.S.Venugopalan, Associate Professor, Dept., of Samhita,Siddhanta & Samskrtam.

Since September 2011 some more nuances were added to ensure the quality of the paper presented and also to imbibe some competitive spirit among participants. That is, two professors act as judges and the presentations would be evaluated. At the end of the sabha, the best presentation would be awarded with a cash prize of Rs100 and the runner would be awarded with a cash prize of Rs 50 as a token of encouragement.

This is a verse which talks about the four quarters involved in attaining a complete knowledge about any given subject. Absence of any one out of the four may hinder a person from attaining a wholesome knowledge.

The first quarter is learnt from the teacher and the second quarter is from the individual’s own intelect, the third quarter is through discussions with colleagues or co-mates and the fourth quarter is from the time, in other words its from the experience gained by way of teaching it to others. All the four quarters are essential to achieve a wholesome knowledge.

The entire concept of the VAGVILASINI SABHA creates a platform for the fourth paada to happen thereby enabling a student to attain a complete knowledge about any given subject.

  • Conducted Every Month in the Mahaswami Mantapam
  • Coordinators –
    • Dr.S.Venugopalan & Dr.Anuradha Maganti (From the beginning to Until September 2013)
    • Sri.S.Thiagarajan & Dr.Anuradha Maganti (October 2013 to April 2014)
    • Sri.S.Thiagarajan & Dr. S. Bharath Narendra (March 2014 to April 2015)
    • Sri.S.Thiagarajan & Dr.P.K.Moharana (August 2015 onwards)


Vagvilasini Event Summary – Academic Year 2015-16

Co-ordinators: Sri.S.Thiagarajan, Dr. PK Moharana

Sabha No.1 (2015-16)

Date: 18/09/2015

Chief guests:

  1. Dr. P. Narayanan, Medical Officer, Nagarcoil
  2. Dr. S. Venugopalan, HOD, Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian culture, SCSVMV

Guests spoke on the importance of Sanskrit in today’s world.

Hosts: Devi Sree (Intern), Megha.S.Nair (Intern)

Invocation by K.K.Anagha (I-Year)

Newsletter “Vagvilasini” (Vol.1, Issue.1) released by Dr. P. Narayanan, Dr. S. Venugopalan, Dr. S. Swamnithan, Dr. Ramdas Maganti

Welcome address by Sri.S.Thiagarajan

Topics presented:

  1. ??????? ??? ???????


  • Keshav Ram, II Year, Medium: Samskritam
  • Madhuvrata, IV Year Junior, Medium: English
  • G, III Year, Medium: English
  • Krishna, Intern, Medium: English
  • Hanuman, I Year, Medium: English
  1. Importance of Samskritam


  • Anagha KK, I Year, Medium: Samskritam
  • Indu, II Year, Medium: Samskritam

Concluded with Shantimantram

Sabha No.2 (2015-’16)

Date: 29/10/2015

Guest (Skype): Dr. Anjaneya Murthy, Former Joint Director of AYUSH, Karnataka

Invocation: S. Apeetha, III Year, S. Ranjani, III Year

Topic: ?????????? ?????


  • J, II Year, Medium: English
  • Jhansi Sharma, III Year, Medium: English
  • Divya Shravani, III Year, Medium: English
  • Shravanthi, III Year, Medium: English
  • Aarsha Mahesh, IV Year Junior, Medium: English
  • Aditya Suresh – IV Year Senior, Medium: English
  • S.Nair – Intern, Medium: English
  • P – IV Year Senior, Medium: English
  • P – I Year. Medium: English
  • Hanuman – I Year, Medium: English
  • Kavya – IV Year Junior, Medium: English


Sabha No.3 (2015-’16)

Date: 31/12/2015

Guest: Dr. GRR Chakravarthy, Professor, HOD Swasthavrittam, SJSACH

Invocation: Shrinidhi – I Year, Nandhini.M – I Year

Dr.GRR Chakravarthy spoke on ‘Pramanas and their practical application’

Student presentation:

Topic 1: ?????????????? ????????????????????


  • V – I Year, Medium: English
  • Aparna Selva – I Year, Medium: English

Topic 2: ?????????????????, ??? ???????????


  • V – II Year, Medium: English
  • Syam – II Year, Medium: English

Topic 3: ????????? ????????????? ???????


  • Rohit KR – Final Year Junior. Medium: English
  • M – Final Year Senior, Medium: English
  • Akhila Vijay – Final Year Junior, Medium: English
  • Mahidhar – Final Year Senior, Medium: English
  • V.T – Final Year Junior, Medium: English
  • G – Final Year Senior, Medium: English
  • Skandesh – Final Year Senior, Medium: English

Topic 4: ????????????????? (Case study on ????????)


  • Devika Chandran – Intern, Medium: English

Sabha No. 4 (2015-’16)

Date: 06/02/2016


  1. Sri.Jayaraman, Director, Dept. of Research, KYM, Chennai
  2. Dr. S. Venugopalan, HOD, Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian culture, SCSVMV

Invocation: Megha.V, I Year

Guests spoke on the topic “Importance of Sanskrit in the modern era”

Student presentations

Topic 1: A glimpse of Ayurveda


  • Achyut Bharadwaj, II Year, Medium: English

Topic 2: ??????????????


  • Hanuman, I Year, Medium: English
  • Nandhini, I Year, Medium: English
  • Sajeesh US, I Year, Medium: English

Topic 3: ???????????


  • Balasubramaniam, II Year, Medium: English
  • S, II Year, Medium: English

Topic 4: ??????????, ???? ??????, ?????????????


  • Arathy VJ, III Year, Medium: English

Topic 5: ?????????????


  • M, IV Year, Medium: English
  • P, IV Year, Medium: English

Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2 released by Sri. Jayaraman, Dr. S.Venugoplan, Dr. S. Swaminthan and Dr. GRR Chakravarthy


  1. Dr. Guru Prasad
  2. Dr. GV Karunakar
  3. Dr. Rakhi Panda

Sabha No.5 (2015-’16)

Date: 3/3/2016

Guest: Dr. GV Karunakar

Prayer: Vinitha – I Year, Karthika – I Year

Dr. GV Karunakar spoke on the topic ‘Unmadam’

Student presentations:

Topic 1: ?????????????????????????? ????????????????????


  • Srinidhi – I Year, Medium: English
  • Jeevaraj – I Year, Medium: English

Topic 2: ????????????


  • M, II Year, Medium: English

Topic 3: ??????????????????????????????? ?


  • Rajesh – III Year, Medium: English
  • Manisha Charan – III Year, Medium: English
  • Abhinaya . R, III Year, Medium: English

Topic 4: ??????????????


  • Bhargav, IV Year, Medium: English
  • Savitri, IV Year, Medium: English
  • Vasudharini, IV Year, Medium: English
  • Pavan – IV Year, Medium: English


  1. Dr. P.R.Swaminathan
  2. Dr. B. Saravanan
  3. Dr. Uday Kumar
  • Summary on all topics delivered by P.Madhuvrata, IV Year
  • Audience addressed by Dr. PR Swaminathan, also shared personal clinical experiences
  • Remarks on presentations given by Dr. PR Swaminathan

Sabha No.6 (2015-’16)

Date: 31/32016

Prayer: Chitra KK, III Year

Student presentations:

Topic 1: Kidney – functions and renal diseases


  • Keerthi – I Year, Medium: English
  • V – I Year, Medium: English

Topic 2: Importance of Rasaushadhis in Chikitsa


  • Tharakesh, II Year, Medium: English
  • Neeraja Priya, II Year, Medium: English
  • Sri Krishna, Intern, Medium: English

Topic 3: Anemia and its management


  • PBL Tejaswini – IV Year, Medium: English
  • Ramanujacharyulu – IV Year, Medium: English
  • S.Nair – III Year, Medium: English
  • Maheshwar Reddy – III Year, Medium: English
  • Kanakadhara – IV Year, Medium: English
  • Srihari – IV Year, Medium: English

Audience addressed by Dr. PK Moharana – event summary and topic summary

Audience addressed by Dr. PR Swaminthan

Remarks on presentations given by Dr. PR Swaminathan