Sri Dhanwantari Vagvilasini Sabha March 2018

The monthly Sri Dhanvantari Vagvilasini Sabha was held on 26.03.2018 with the release of the Volume 3, Issue 3 of the trimonthly newsletter “Vagvilasini”. The invited guest of honour, Ms.Gayathri Sreedharan is an M.Tech in biotechnology, who later recognised the importance of sanskrit as a language of deep knowledge and went on to pursue MA in Sanskrit. The Sabha began with the invocation to the Almighty, followed by Sraddhanjali to the founder of our institution, Sri Jayendrasaraswathi, who attained salvation on 28.02.2018. Following the welcome address by Sri.S.Thiagarajan, Assistant Professor, Sanskrit, the trimonthly newsletter was released by the guest of honour Ms. Gayathri Sreedharan, principal Prof.Dr.Ramdas Maganti and HoD Samskrtam, Samhita and Siddhanta Prof.Dr.S.Swaminathan.
Student presentations of this month were as follows:
Amritha Santosh – II Year – Topic: “Stephen Hawking” (English)
VJ Brihathi Bala – I Year – Topic: Samskrtasya mahatmyam (Samsrktam)
I. Gurulatchumi – I Year – Topic: Samskrtasya mahatmyam (Samsrktam)
S. Sujitha – I Year – Topic: Samskrtasya mahatmyam (Samsrktam)
S.Srinidhi – III Year – Topic: balagrahah (English)
This was followed by an interactive session by the chief guest on the deep scientific knowledge hidden in the Sanskrit language. She emphasised the importance of knowing the language, not just as a mode of communication, but as a key to the understanding of the truths of life.
This was followed by certificate distribution to the students.
The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr.P.K.Moharana.
The programme was concluded with the national anthem.