World AIDS Day 2017

World AIDS/HIV Day was held on 1st December 2017 in our auditorium. Organized by SJSACH, it was co-ordinaed by Dr. G.R.R.Chakravarthi (H.O.D Of Swasthavrutthum).The program started by lightning the lamp. Dr.G.G.R.Chakravarthi and Dr. Vasudevan Reddy (H.O.D.of salya tantra) presided as Dignitaries on stage. Welcome addressed was given by Dr. Guru Prasad (Dept. of Swasthavrutham). Speeches on the topic “Prevention and control of AIDS/HIV” were deleiverd by Dr. Srimannarayana (DMS, SJSACH) and Dr.G.R.R.Chakravarthi. Ms. V. Rahini (Student, Third Year BAMS), and Ms. V.Megha (Student, third year B.A.M.S) presented briefly on the topic “Geriatric problems”. Dr. Vasudeva Reddy (H.O.D Of Salyatantra) shared few clinical experiences about HIV/AIDS cases. This was followed by distribution of certificates to the students who participated in seminar on World Elderly day and World AIDS day. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Munilokesh (Dept. of Shalakyatantra)