Session on career counseling and integrated medicine

A session conducted for the final year students (juniors and seniors) on career counselling – regarding the Integration of Acupuncture with Ayurveda, was organized by Bliss Medicare centre, held on 4th November 2017 at our college auditorium from 2.00pm to 3.30pm. Ms.Sheena and Mr. Sharon (career counselors) started the interactive session on the scope of higher studies and specialization in other branches of science. Prof.Dr.D.R.Rajesh Verma and Dr. Poonam Verma delivered their lecture on the Integration of Ayurveda with Acupuncture and Aquapuncture and distributed pamphlets for registration of the 6 th National symposium Acupuncture association of India.On the whole the session paved the students the way to enhance and excel in their ayurvedic field with the support of other science, if they require. The session was coordinated by our Principal Dr. Ramdas Maganti.