Avabhasini – A practical workshop on Ayurveda toxicology and Dermatology

“Avabhasini” was held between 13-16th July, 2017. Dr. C.M.Sreekrishna, Rtd Professor Kottakkal, Ayurveda College and a Chief Physician Dhanwantari Ayurveda Bhavan, delivered a talk on “Vishachikitsa – Present status and clinical application of Gara and Dooshivisha” and also demonstrated the Raktamokshanam. Theoretical explanation of the same was given by Dr. Jayarama Krishna, Dr. Aswathy. Dr.Namboothiri and Dr. Sujitha Sukumaran, shared there experience on jyothisha and yoga. Dr. Sreenath, Physician, Dhanwantari Ayurveda Bhavan, delivered a talk on “Challenges in Ayurveda in the present scenario of life and the Relevance of proper understanding of samhitas”. The event was coordinated by Dr. Saravan.B and Dr. P. Mallikarjun Roa